Your off-road beast deserves nothing but the best care in the world. If you take care of it well, you can be sure that your Jeep will survive the harsh road conditions. Certain parts have to be checked because your ride always takes a beating whenever you take it out on your off-road adventures. If you love your Jeep as much as you do for your off-roading hobby, then you need to consistently do these maintenance tasks.

Check the transfer case for leaks.

Every routine maintenance, examine your transfer case, particularly its fluid levels. If left unchecked and undiagnosed, the transfer case may have excessive heating that can cause leaks, which in turn can greatly decrease the fluid that your vehicle uses for gear lubrication.

Check the fluids and battery.

Ensure that the fluids are adequate and that the battery is in good working condition. Once the performance of the battery deteriorates, your Jeep will be useless until you get a new battery. Doing this step won’t take much of your time. In fact, you can get it done in just an hour every month.

Wash your vehicle.

This is pretty basic, but a lot of Jeep owners are too busy to make time for this crucial maintenance must-do. Especially when you’ve just used your vehicle for your off-road drive, you need to wash it right away to prevent road salt, mud, and dirt from sticking to the paint finish.

Also, you have to protect your Jeep against rust—use an oil treatment once or twice every year. This will ensure that corrosive elements won’t get onto the body of your vehicle.

These are just some of the essential maintenance tasks you need to do to keep your off-road vehicle in great shape all the time. Take note of the recommended intervals for each task, so you won’t forget to do it.

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