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Are you interested in 4 x 4 vehicles but don’t know much about this type of car? You have come to the right place! This website features material for anyone who would like to find out more about these cars but are rather new to the topic. If you are a 4 x 4 passionate, the information on our website is already familiar to you, while those who are wondering about the difference between AWD and 4WD are the kind of readers our articles target. Here is what you can find out from our website:

  • The main advantages of 4 x 4 vehicles, such as value for money, better traction, and reaching inaccessible places
  • Various drawbacks of 4 x 4 vehicles and how to overcome them. For instance, the risk in case of frontal collisions is bigger
  • 9 wrong reasons to want a 4 x 4 car, including the fact you are going to ski a couple of times a year
  • Some things you shouldn’t do in a 4 x 4, given that the driving experience in this type of car is different from a regular one
  • 4 x 4 safe driving tips, necessary to any driver, especially those who have a false sense of security in these vehicles
  • 5 family-friendly 4 x 4 cars – maybe one of these models will be on your short list, who knows?
  • The difference between 4 x 4, AWD, and 4WD – a must know for anyone interested in these cars

Do these topics sound like something that might interest you?

Explore the articles on our website and you will find out some interesting facts, such as:

  • Why 4 x 4 cars deliver better performance
  • What switching options you have on a 4 x 4 vehicle
  • What aspects of 4 x 4 cars make them safer than regular ones, and also which aspects make them more risky
  • Why some 4 x 4 cars deliver superior collision avoidance performance
  • Why these cars are preferred by people with families
  • Why 4 x 4 cars have higher purchase and repair costs
  • What is the tight corner braking phenomenon and how to avoid it
  • What disadvantages are caused by the higher complexity of 4 x 4 cars
  • Why bad weather does not necessarily require a 4 x 4 car
  • Why you mustn’t use locking differential on dry pavement
  • What you need to do before switching to 4WD
  • Mistakes people are making when they get stuck
  • When it’s time to shift into 4WD
  • Why you should assess obstacles before driving through them
  • How to be prepared for adverse conditions
  • What is the most affordable good quality 4 x 4 vehicle
  • What are some of the newest family-friendly 4 x 4 cars
  • What does 4 x 4 stand for
  • What is locked 4WD
  • What is IWD and what its advantages are

So these are the most important things you’ll find out from this website – we hope you’ll enjoy reading the articles and gain a better understanding of how these vehicles work!